SKOT Fashion Shirt - Slim Fit - Circular Blue Contrast -


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€ 99,00


Our most sustainable shirt ever! The Circular Blue Contrast is the classic blue shirt with a nice contrast. The buttons and the inside of the sleeve and the collar are colored light brown. This gives the shirt extra style. The fabric of the shirts is made from recycled material and organic cotton, which saves a lot of CO2 emissions, waste, water and energy. The Circular Blue Contrast has a sleek design and a number of unique details. Like the cutout for ribs and the embroidery"You make a Difference"on the inside of the sleeve. * Color: Blue (with a light brown contrast) * Material: 64% organic cotton and 36% circular Refibra™ ️ * Fit: Slim Fit * Buttons: Coconut * Weaving: Twill * Stitching Thread: Recycled Polyester * Recess for ribs: Yes Only available in Slim Fit.

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