SKOT Fashion Shirt - Slim Fit - Olive Green -


€ 89,00

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€ 89,00


New colors that make the difference. The olive green is not only an addition to your personal wardrobe but is also made of a top-quality sustainable fabric and a good range of sustainable details like buttons made of Corozo and stitching threads made from recycled polyester. It’s shirt that will keep you comfortable all day long. Sustainable fabrics are breathable and feel comfortable against the skin. SKOT believes in a 100% circular fashion industry and with this shirt you contribute to a healthier world for tomorrow. And this all, for a fair price. * Color: Olive Green * Material: 100% organic cotton * Fit: Slim Fit * Buttons: Corozo * Weaving: Twill * Stitching Thread: Recycled Polyester * Recess for ribs: Yes

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