SKOT Fashion T-shirt - Deep V-neck 2-pack - Invisible -


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€ 33,95


SKOT sustainable T-shirts: available in different styles!The invisible T-shirt. Wear it under your White shirts. You don't see the sleeve lines under a white shirt with these Taupe colored T-shirts. With a deep V-neck, so you can wear it with two buttons open. A smart choice for quality and comfort at a sharp price. Made as sustainable as possible. * Taupe colored, so invisible under a white shirt * Deep V-neck, no t-shirt visible with 2 buttons open * Slim fit * Extra length on the bottom * 95% GOTS certified organic cotton. 5% elastane added for optimal comfort * Fair Trade production * 180 grams quality fabric. Made to last extra long. Choose for quality AND positive impact. Get your SKOT T-shirts today!

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